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The INAHTA Secretariat is responsible for coordinating all network activities and is hosted by DIMDI (German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information).

INAHTA Secretariat
Wendy Babidge
ASERNIP-S, Australia


Chair of INAHTA

Wendy Babidge
ASERNIP-S, Australia

Vice-Chair of INAHTA

Andres Pichon-Riviere
IECS, Argentina

Director and Executive Secretary

Sophie Werko, SBU, Sweden

Network Coordinator

Wendy Morros, ASERNIP-S, Australia 


Working Groups in INAHTA

External Partnership

Group Chair: Brian O'Rourke
CADTH, Canada

Internal Communication

Group Chair: Alric Rüther
IQWIG, Germany


Education and Training

Group Chair: Erin Holmes
NHC, New Zealand 

Impact of HTA

Group Chair: David Hailey
ASERNIP-S, Australia


Quality Assurance

Group Chair: Tracy Merlin
AHTA, Australia

Group Co-Chair: Elisabeth Giesenhagen
DIMDI, Germany

New Proposals

Group Chair: Matthias Perleth
G-BA, Germany