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About the INAHTA Synthesis Report


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Synthesis report (the first one published to date) contains summary and analysis of five reports on preoperative evaluation from INAHTA agencies (available in English and Spanish).

Published to date

  • Preoperative Evaluation in Elective Surgery (2000)

1. Publisher: Variable

2. Copyright: Publisher's (reference should be made to INAHTA)

3. Type: Meta-HTA report

4. Language: English (other languages - optional)

5. First published: 2000 (Int J of Techn Assessm in HC, Vol. 16, No.2; Preoperative Evaluation in Elective Surgery)

6. Author(s): On a contract basis

7. ISBN: Optional

8. Purpose: To summarize and present information published by few INAHTA agencies on one research topic

9. Endorsement: Optional

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