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The INAHTA Brief series is intended as a forum for member agencies to present brief overviews of recently published reports. Briefs are published regularly and placed on the INAHTA website as soon as they become available.

Information presented in the INAHTA Briefs is developed and submitted by the member agencies. This publication series would not be possible without the members' ongoing commitment and support.

Briefs are linked to the full text report or summary, the HTA Database record, and a HTA Checklist when details are available.

Members also have access to the impact framework when information to the specific report has been collected.

Brief Compilations are published yearly and distributed at INAHTA members and to visitors at the INAHTA Exhibition at the Annual Meeting of HTAi.

The Briefs are also searchable by disease categories. Search publications.


1. Publisher: INAHTA Secretariat, c/o SBU, Box 5650, SE-114 86 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 8 412 3200 Fax: +46 8 411 3260 email:

2. Copyright: INAHTA Secretariat

3. Type: Periodical

4. Language: English

5. Circulation: Variable

6. First published: 2000

7. Issues per year: Variable

8. Subscription: Restricted to member agencies

9. Contributions: Member agencies (INAHTA Secretariat)

10. Purpose: To present brief overviews of recently published reports from INAHTA agencies. Each agency decides on the choice of their report to be presented

11. On-line public access:

12. Indexing: 2000/1-20; 2001/1-38; 2002/1-99; 2003/1-72; 2004/1-99;
2005/1-67; 2006/1-134; 2007/1-

13. ISSN 1654-501X (INAHTA Briefs) and ISSN 1653-5316 (INAHTA Briefs Compilation)