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This checklist has been prepared as an aid to
furthering a consistent and transparent approach to HTA. Assessments will vary considerably in their depth and scope of analysis, given differences in the types of problem being addressed, policy requirements and the time and resources available for assessment.

It is NOT intended as a scorecard to rate the standard of HTA reports – reports may be valid and useful without meeting all the criteria that have been listed.

Information presented in the Checklists is submitted by the member agencies. This publication series would not be possible without the members' ongoing commitment and support.

Checklists are linked to an INAHTA Brief, the full text report or summary, and the HTA Database record when details are available.

Members also have access to the impact framework when information to the specific report has been collected.

The Checklists are also searchable by disease categories. Search publications

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2. Copyright: INAHTA Secretariat

3. Type: Periodical

4. Language: English

5. Circulation: Variable

6. First published: 2000

7. Issues per year: Variable

8. Subscription: Restricted to member agencies

9. Contributions: Member agencies (INAHTA Secretariat)

10. Purpose: The HTA Checklist is an aid to furthering a consistent and transparent approach to HTA. It also provides information on the purpose, methods, and contents of an HTA report.

11. On-line public access:

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