Welcome to INAHTA’s website

This new and improved website for INAHTA was launched in June 2007. The structure, contents, functionality, and graphical design was enhanced to make the site more useful and easier to navigate.

Visitors have the possibility to find information about the Network and HTA related activities in a more accessible format. The INAHTA website offers:

  • Email @lerts: Visitors can as before subscribe to email alerts sent when the website has new content.
  • News: News are better presented and archived on the website.
  • Search engine: The site is searchable, including pdf files, with a more advanced search tool for publications.
  • Interactive world map: An interactive map showing the countries and organizations represented in INAHTA and links to the member profiles.
  • Publications: Improved layout and search functionality assist visitors to access for them relevant information. A list of acronyms used in INAHTA publications has also been developed.
  • HTA Glossary: An interactive glossary of HTA terms has replaced the former static PDF version published in 2006.
  • Bookmarks: Visitors can save pages for future reference, which makes the site easier to navigate.
  • Tell a colleague: This function makes it possible to tell others about a specific report or page on the website.
  • And much more.

A website is under constant development and several of the initiated improvements will be finalized in the coming months.