Conference updates

The conference section has been updated with five new conferences and one workshop:

  1. International Health Conference: Recent Advances in Clinical Medicine, Public Health and Health Policy (Sep 20-22, 2007, Greece)
  2. Pre-Symposium Workshop on Health Technology Assessment: Interpreting Trial Evidence for Policy Decisions (Sep 23, 2007, Australia)
  3. 3rd International Clinical Trials Symposium 2007 (Sep 23-26, 2007, Australia)
  4. 6th International Conference on the Management of Healthcare and Medical Technolog (Oct 3-5, 2007, Italy)
  5. The Global Organization of Biomedical Innovation: Funding, Intellectual Property Rights, Incentives, and the Diffusion of New Technology (Oct 3-8, 2007, Germany)
  6. New Frontiers in Research and Practice (Oct 17-19, 2007, Canada)

Further details can be viewed here.