Membership in INAHTA


INAHTA membership is open to organizations that:

  • Assess technology in health care
  • Are non-profit organizations
  • Relate to a regional or national government
  • Are funded at least 50% by public sources
  • Provide free access to their reports upon request of other Network members.


The By-Laws include detailed information on membership criteria and the application and approval process for membership. Click here to read the INAHTA By-Laws.


Annual Membership Fee

INAHTA provides different levels of membership fees according to the Word Bank LMIC classification As of June 2011, the annual membership fees are as follows:

  High-income countries: 2,700 euros
  Upper-middle income countries: 2,025 euros
  Lower-middle income countries:  1,350 euros
  Lower income countries: 675 euros

A Candidate Membership is also possible for agencies that are just starting, have yet to produce HTA reports, or are experiencing financial hardship.  Read more about Candidate Membership here.



Applicants are invited send a cover letter and completed application form (see below) to the INAHTA Secretariat. 

The cover letter must be written by the appropriate authority in the agency seeking membership and is to provide an overview of:

  • Agency structure including number of staff, expertise, governance, scientific review
  • Activities and function of the agency
  • Accountability in the healthcare system
  • Financing of agency activities
  • Application of evidence-based principles to scientific work
  • Peer review process
  • Methods of dissemination
  • Language of original reports
  • Availability of structured abstracts in English, French or Spanish.

Click here to download the INAHTA Application Form (.docx)

Click here to download the INAHTA Application Form for earlier versions of Word (.doc)


Contact the INAHTA or +1 780 448 4881 ext. 245