Membership Regulations

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Adopted: June 2013




1.1       In these regulations:


1.1.1    Board means the board of INAHTA;


1.1.2    By-laws means the by-laws of INAHTA for the time being in force;


1.1.3    INAHTA means the International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment; and


1.1.4    Regulations means regulations of INAHTA made by the Board pursuant to the By-laws, and for the time being in force.


1.2      Unless  the  contrary  intention appears in these Regulations, where a word or phrase is defined in the By-laws the word or phrase has the same meaning throughout these Regulations.


2            NAME


The name of these Regulations is the INAHTA Membership Regulations’.




3.1       Subject to the provisions of the By- laws,  the  Board  has  the  power from time to time to make, amend and repeal such Regulations as it deems necessary or desirable for the proper conduct and management of INAHTA, the regulation of its affairs, and the furtherance of its objectives.


3.2       These Regulations come into operation in June 2013.


3.3       All Regulations concerning membership of INAHTA in force prior to the date of the coming into operation of these Regulations will be, and the same are hereby, repealed, saving all existing rights.




Membership of INAHTA will be available in the following classes:



4.1       Full Membership; and


4.2       Candidate Membership.





5.1       Full Membership


Membership as a Full Member is open to organisations which meet the following criteria, in addition to the requirements prescribed in the By-laws:


5.1.1    they must support the purposes of INAHTA and comply with any code of conduct concerning the behaviour of Members;


5.1.2    are responsible on an ongoing basis for the coordination and/or development and operation of health technology assessment programs, and the production of assessment reports;


5.1.3    have some ongoing, officially recognised role in relation to regional or national government;


5.1.4    are non-profit making, provide a comprehensive description of their sources of funding and other resources, and obtain at least 50% of their income from public sources.


5.1.5    have not been expelled as a member of INAHTA within 12 months of the date on which an application for membership is received;


5.1.6    are entitled to vote (subject to the payment of membership fees by the date for payment);


5.1.7    may  in  response  to  a  call  for  nominations,  participate  in  the nomination of persons to sit on the Board of INAHTA;


5.1.8     may apply to act as the Secretariat of INAHTA;


5.1.9     must endeavour to be represented at Annual Meetings;


5.1.10 must meet all costs arising from their associates, representatives and staff attending Annual Meetings, other than those for the two representatives specified in By-Law 9.3;


5.2       Candidate Membership


Membership as a Candidate Member is open to organisations who in addition to the requirements prescribed in the By-laws and in 5.1 above:


(a)       are under financial hardship or in the process of establishing an agency   but   as   yet   are   not   publishing   health   technology assessment reports. The Board will determine if they warrant a reduced or suspended membership fee for up to two (2) years, being an initial period of up to 12 months and thereafter, if a majority of at least two thirds of the Board determines that extenuating circumstances exist, an additional concessional period up to a further 12 months;


(b)       complete a written application for Candidate membership in the form determined by the Board from time to time:


(1)    as per requirements as outlined in the By-laws


(2)    but including a cover letter describing why they are applying for Candidate membership rather than Full membership so the Board can consider their eligibility for this class of membership for the period allowed for Candidate members.


5.2.2    must pay the fee determined by the Board to attend the Annual Meeting


5.2.3    must at the end of the initial period of candidate membership notified by the Board (being a period of up to 12 months) either:


(a)       seek admission as a Full Member; or


(b)       seek ongoing recognition as a Candidate Member, in a written request to the Board, for up to a further 12 months (with no further right of extension). The maximum period is 24 months,


and unless an extension or application for Full Membership is approved, membership ceases.   If an extension of Candidate Membership is conferred by a two thirds majority of the Board, Full Membership must be sought at the end of the extended concessional period;


5.2.4    are not entitled to vote;


5.2.5    are not entitled to participate in the nomination of persons to sit on the Board of INAHTA;


5.2.6    are not entitled to act as the Secretariat of INAHTA;



6            Executive Committee of INAHTA Board


At the first INAHTA Board meeting following the Annual Meeting, or at another time as determined by the Board, an Executive Committee may be formed. The Terms of Reference, including membership, will be developed to guide the operation of the Executive Committee for a defined period, as determined by the INAHTA Board.


7            Roles of the Board


(a)          Board Directors – Conduct the work of the INAHTA Board, attend and contribute to Board and other meetings and actively promote INAHTA wherever possible.  In addition:


(b)          The Chair’s role is to ensure, as would be reasonably expected to do so, that the INAHTA Board, the Secretariat and INAHTA members act in accordance with the By-laws and the Members regulations.  As required, the Chair acts on behalf of the INAHTA Board.


(c)          The Vice Chair assists the Chair in their duties and stands in for the Chair in the event that the Chair is unable to act.


(d)          The Treasurer


1)                finalises the quarterly financial statements of INAHTA for the Board;


2)                prepares a budget for the Board, to be considered at the Annual Meeting (relating to the following year); and



3)            performs any other usual responsibilities determined by the Board.


(e)          Past Chair


1)                to participate in Board discussions as an active member;


2)                to Chair the Elections Committee


3)                to support the Chair in her/his tasks, acting as Consultant; and


4)                to otherwise provide continuity when needed.


8            GENERAL


A right, privilege or obligation of a member by reason of membership of INAHTA:


8.1       is not capable of being transferred; and


8.2       terminates upon the cessation of membership under the By- laws.




These Regulations do not limit, vary or revoke any power or authority conferred on the Board or any committee or authorised delegate of INAHTA under the By-laws.




These Regulations may be added to, amended and repealed in accordance with the By-laws.