HTA Checklist


At its 2000 Annual Meeting, INAHTA agreed to development of the checklist, following discussion by its Working Group on HTA methodology, accreditation, and conflict of interest. This initiative was seen as a step towards improving standards of assessments.

The checklist was prepared by David Hailey (IHE, Canada). The draft checklist was discussed by the Working Group during the 2001 Annual Meeting and revised in the light of suggestions made by members.

In 2007, a new version was finalized in English and Spanish. This checklist is coming soon in French.

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 HTA Checklist in French

 HTA Checklist in Spanish

Towards transparency in HTA

Read the article "Towards transparency in health technology assessment" by David Hailey (IHE, Canada). It was published 2003 in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care. Click here to download the article


The 2001 version: Valuable suggestions and comments on the drafts were provided by Eduardo Briones (AETSA, Spain), Carlos Cano (CMS, USA), Vicki Foerster (CADTH, Canada), John Gabbay (NCCHTA, UK), Christa Harstall (IHE, Canada), Jetty Hoeksema (ZonMw, Netherlands), Nathalie Jakobi Rodrigues (CEDIT, France), Jos Kleijnen (CRD, UK), Helga Sigmund (DACEHTA, Denmark), Menno van Leeuwen (GR, Netherlands), Claire Packer (NHSC, UK), Miriam Siebzehner (ICTAHC, Israel), Rod Taylor (NICE, UK), Norman Waugh (NCCHTA, UK), and Bertrand Xerri (HAS, France).

National/Regional Guidelines for HTA reports

The list of the guidelines produced by the INAHTA member agencies will be constantly updated as soon as new links become available.

CADTH, Canada: For Authors guidlines, click here.

DACEHTA, Denmark: For HTA Handbook, click here.

NCCHTA, United Kingdom: For HTA instructions for authors.


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A Checklist for Health Technology Assessment Reports