Candidate Membership in INAHTA


Candidate Membership in INAHTA is available for organizations that:

  • Assess technology in health care
  • Are a non-profit organization
  • Relate to a regional or national government
  • Are funded at least 50% by public sources
  • Provide free access to their reports upon request.

And these organizations are:

  • Experiencing financial hardship
  • In the processes of setting-up the agency
  • Expect to be producing HTA reports at some time later 
  • Or other similar reason for requesting a Candidate Membership



The Candidate Membership is time-limited to one year. At the end of one year the applicant is expected to make a new application requesting admission as full member, with the option for requesting one additional year as a Candidate Member (maximum two years in total).

Candidate Members should endeavor to attend the INAHTA Annual Meeting. The costs of travel expenses to attend the Annual Meeting should be covered by the agency, and payment of the INAHTA meeting fee (approximately 200 - 300 Euros).

The Candidate Members have the same rights as full members with the exception that they are not entitled to vote.


Application Process

The application process for Candidate Membership is the same that currently exists for regular membership with an additional letter of explanation of the reasons for requesting a Candidate Membership, which could include financial hardship, in process of setting up the agency, production of HTA reports at some time later, etc.

All Candidate Membership applicants must complete the application form (see below) and include a cover letter from the appropriate authority in the agency seeking membership that provides an overview of the:

  • Structure of the applying organization (number of staff, expertise, governance, scientific review)
  • Accountability in the healthcare system
  • Activities/functions
  • Financing of activities
  • Application of evidence-based principles to scientific work
  • Peer review process
  • Methods of dissemination
  • Language of original reports
  • Availability of structured abstracts in English, French or Spanish.

Click here to download the application form (.docx)

Click here to download the application form for earlier versions of Word (.doc)



Contact the INAHTA or +1 780 448 4881 ext. 245